St. Paul Campus Climatological Observatory

Due to failure of the computers involved in the collection and charting of data from the St. Paul Campus Climatological Observatory, and due to the age of the three data loggers that were in use, we have transferred the data collection to one new data logger and are in the process of working on new procedures for presenting data via the Web.

We will update this page with information on the progress.

Some basic weather information
  • Last 24 Hours of 15 Minute Readings (tipping bucket #2)
  • Last Five Days or Hourly Temperature, Precipitation, Solar and Wind
  • Last Seven Days of Daily Averaged Soil Temperatures (7am Observation time)
  • Daily Observations Ending at 8am CST
  • Daily Observations Ending at 4pm CST

  • Graphs
  • Air Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Historical Summaries:

    Last modified: March 16, 2016
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