Obtaining Data for Legal Purposes

The State Climatology Office often receives requests for climate data to be used as evidence in a legal proceeding. While the climate data set maintained by this Office provides an invaluable scientific tool, data found on our Web site are strictly unofficial. This Office plays no part in the selection of climate data observers, observation sites, instrumentation, or observation techniques. This Office cannot be held accountable for errors in the data, or for errors made in the interpretation of the data

Certified climate data gathered at National Weather Service observing locations may be purchased from the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina (phone: 828-271-4800). The Midwestern Regional Climate Center (phone: 217-244-8226) also offers certified climate data for a fee.

Certification documents received from the National Climatic Data Center or the Midwestern Regional Climate Center will not address the accuracy of the data. The certification process only attests that exact duplicates of the climatic records can be found on file at that archive facility. For analysis and interpretation of climate data, users may choose to solicit the assistance of a private consulting meteorologist.

Should the legal matter not require certified data, yet a formal document is desired, National Climatic Data Center publications such as Local Climatological Data and Climatological Data are available for purchase on-line. Additionally, many local libraries subscribe to these periodicals.

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