Kuehnast Lecture Series

Lectures in the Fields
of Meteorology, Climatology
and their applications
In 1992, the University of Minnesota Department of Soil, Water, and Climate was honored by the establishment of an endowment provided by the family of former Minnesota State Climatologist, Earl Louis, and his wife, Leila (Newbrough) Kuehnast. The endowment is used to further teaching and research programs in climatology and meteorology. The Kuehnast Lecture Series is sponsored by this endowment.

Tenth Annual Lecture
A public forum ... all are welcome!

Global Climate Change:
Uncertainties, Risks, and Values in Determining Public Policy

October 11, 2002
12:30 to 4:40 pm
University of Minnesota McNamara Center

Distinguished Guest Lecturers
  • Dr. Vernon Ruttan (University of Minnesota Regentís Professor Emeritus - Department of Economics and Applied Economics)
2002 Kuehnast Lecture Panel
2002 Kuehnast Lecture Panel

Co-Sponsored by the Kuehnast Endowment Fund and Sigma Xi

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Past Presentations in the Kuehnast Lecture Series:

Ninth An Idiosyncratic History of Climate Richard H. Skaggs October 19, 2001
Eighth Beyond Global Warming Yes or No Roger Pielke, Jr. October 6, 2000
Seventh Evapotranspiration: From Canopies to Continents John M. Norman September 24, 1999
Sixth What's happening with El Nino and La Nina  Kevin E. Trenberth October 15, 1998
Fifth Global Nitrogen Cycling Elisabeth A. Holland October 2, 1997
Fourth A Brief Excursion Into Three Agricultural Revolutions Donald G. Baker October 11, 1996
Third CO2 and the Biosphere Sherwood B. Idso October 12, 1995
Second How Much Land Can 10 Billion People Spare? Paul E. Waggoner October 4, 1994
First Is Climate Still Important? Stanley A. Chagnon October 5, 1993

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