1997 Spring Flood High Water Marks Data

Documentation of high water marks was made by many local governments and state and federal agency staff. Primary contacts at the local level are city engineers/public works directors, county highway engineers, and watershed districts. A summary of high water marks documented by DNR-Waters staff is provided below. COE staff also document high water marks during large flood events, and use them to plot flood profiles. The primary contact for COE high water mark information is Bob Engelstad (612) 290-5610.

Red River of the North Basin

Red River Main Stem

April 15         Bob Merritt    Moorhead vicinity      27 water elevations

Wild Rice River:
March 8          Bob Merritt    Ada vicinity           21 ice elevations
March 8          Bob Merritt    Hendrum                 2 water elevations

Minnesota River Basin

Minnesota River Main Stem:
April 7          Skip Wright    Montevideo              3 water elevations
?                Rob Collett    New Ulm vicinity       13 water elevations
April 9          Dave Leuthe    New Ulm                 9 water elevations

Pomme de Terre River:
April 7          Skip Wright    Appleton                2 water elevations

Lac qui Parle River:
April 6          Cliff Bentley  Dawson                  1 water elevation

Cottonwood River:
?                Rob Collett    Brown County            ? water elevations

Mississippi River Basin

Mississippi River Main Stem
?                Jim Cooper,    below Red Wing? or    20? river elevations
                 Corey Hanson,  Read's Landing to
                 Bill Huber,    Brownsville
                 Scot Johnson


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